Search Engine ‘Keyword’ Monitoring

Keyword Targeted Text Advertising & Search Results

Search Engine ‘Keyword’ Monitoring

WOXOMO is a service that conducts Text Advertising & Search Results monitoring against a multitude of keywords and industries.

WOXOMO provides access to exclusive data and intelligent competitive reporting capabilities for Advertisers who would like to optimize their competitive position*. Custom built dashboard loaded with unique and easily accessible essential insights for SEM and SEO.

WOXOMO is a must have tool for all businesses that are engaged in search engine marketing and optimization and who would like to keep an eye on competitive activities within the same keyword playing field.

*WOXOMO is currently monitoring Google search in the UAE market. For other market or multi-market inquiries please contact support@woxomo.io


A uniquely designed dashboard that delivers timely insights.Questions like what is my ad position vs. my competitors? What is my brand’s share of voice? What is the seasonality of search engine advertising? What are the Top players? Which brands are vying for the most competitive keywords? And many more questions are finally answered.


Optimized keyword selection by category or industry, covering Airlines, Real Estate & Properties, Hotels & Resorts, Automotive, Banking and more. If your business category is not included, please contact us!

Graphs & Charts

Ready to analyze meaningful graphs and charts. Powerful reports at a glance: Top 10 Advertisers, Share of Voice, Seasonality of Advertising and much more.

Machine Learning

Proprietary and custom designed application built from the ground-up and designed around the user’s needs. WOXOMO has the capability of monitoring multiple language keywords e.g. Arabic. Try it out for free now!

Our Process

Get the best online ad monitoring experience there is.

Double that with mega web engineering and development talent. Add a zest of passion.

WOXOMO is a 100% proprietary application built from the ground up end-to-end with the objective of introducing smart and cost effective multi-platform search engine monitoring locally, regionally and internationally regardless of the geography and language.

WOXOMO crawlers use local market infrastructure to ensure 100% relevancy of the monitored data.


You don’t have to break the bank to use WOXOMO! Our affordable rates start from as little as $99 per month. Check-out the subscription packages that best suit your requirements. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email support@woxomo.io and let us know what your needs are.

* Price per market, language and device with keyword limit.

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